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more q and a about preconception

Q and A about Getting Pregnant II
by Lori Ramsey

These are some more of my favorite questions I receive and the answers I give regarding conception.

QUESTION: How soon after intercourse should I wait to use the restroom, or does that not play a role in getting pregnant.

ANSWER: Ideally it’s good to lay there for about 20 minutes to insure the sperm will get to the egg. However I can honestly say I conceived when I got up immediately at least 3 times now.

Question: When can I get pregnant after a miscarriage? When will I ovulate? I was told that I have to wait 3mo to get pregnant, what will happen if I get pregnant right away?

ANSWER: Well, a doctor will tell you to wait 3 months to give your body a chance to get back to normal. A lot depends on when the miscarriage occurred and whether or not you had to have a D&C. My own experience - I had a miscarriage on April 6, 1997. It was an early one - and a natural one. I conceived 2 weeks later and on May 6, 1997 found out I was pregnant again. My daughter came along just 5 days after the due date of the miscarried baby and she’s perfect in every way!

What is the time frame for an egg to get fertilized?

ANSWER: 12 to 24 hours

Is it possible for you to feel when implantation is taking place?

ANSWER: I think so. I really believe I felt my 4th baby implant. It was 5 days post ovulation and I had this strange cramping for about an hour. 6 days later I had a positive pregnancy test plus food cravings!

how early do pregnancy symptoms show up?
The first sign of pregnancy could be implantation spotting. This may or may not occur. If it does it will occur at 5 to 12 days post ovulation. Otherwise you may experience fatigue, food cravings/aversions, frequent urination and or dizziness from about 1 week on past ovulation.

what are my chances of having a baby after vasectomy

Answer: Though a vasectomy is supposed to be sterilization and permanent - there is probably a 1% chance of conceiving. My childbirth instructor of my 2nd baby had a baby about 4 years after her husband had a vasectomy. She thought she had ovarian cancer and the ultrasound showed a beating heart! So it is possible. Of course the chances go up considerably if there has been a reversal.

I am a bit confused, to conceive should I have intercourse before or after my menstrual cycle?

ANSWER: To conceive, normally you need to have intercourse half way between your bleeding periods, like around day 14. Ovulation generally occurs around the very middle of the cycle.

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