Pregnant - sharing the good news with him

I'm Pregnant! Sharing the Good News with Him
by Lori Ramsey

You finally arrive at that wonderful point. You take the test and see those two double lines. Elated with joy, you can't wait to share the news, "I'm pregnant!" The first person who should know is "Daddy". After all, he is the one who made this moment possible. Here are a few ideas on sharing this milestone with your better half.

Include him in the testing.
This, of course, is something that he may share in bad news as well, that of seeing only one line on the test. However, when the moment finally does happen, he will appreciate the moment as much as you. I had my husband with me when I found out about our fourth baby. I shakingly handed him the test, after I peeked at it, and asked him what he saw. "I see two lines," he said. It was a moment I'll never forget, as we hugged and proclaimed that we were having another baby. A very happy moment indeed.

Including him in the big moment is as simple as perhaps taking the test and laying it down for the results to form then have him go in at the appointed time and look at the results. He can share in the sorrow of another negative test or he can celebrate the moment of finding out with a positive test.

Telling him afterwards.
If you tested while he was gone, then you can plan a wonderful surprise in letting him know that he's about to become a daddy. I am the type who can't wait, so I immediately picked up the phone and told him that way, while he was at work. Although the first time he was in school at college and I couldn't phone him. I had to wait until he came home. When he pulled up in the driveway I ran out to the truck, threw open the passenger door and exclaimed "Hello Daddy!" He was very happy!

Another way is to purchase a baby gift – such as a pacifier, or maybe even a bib or T-shirt that says "I love Daddy". Fix a romantic dinner and hand him the gift – wrapped in baby shower paper. Have a camera handy to record the moment on film!

Call the radio station he listens to and ask if they will announce to him the wonderful news. This is a great public relations feature for a lot of radio stations to be so personal and to share in such great news. If you don't want to tell everyone else just yet, have the announcer just say his first name and then ask your husband if he's heard any good news!

Give him a Father's Day card – no matter what time of the year it is. If you can't find one – find a blank card and fill it out.

Put on a T-shirt that says "Baby" with an arrow pointing at your belly.

Leave him little notes around the house "suggesting" the news. Let him figure it out. Leave little hints all over such as "I'm barefoot and ________ now". Or on the oven "Bun in the oven".

The most important thing is to use your imagination and you'll come up with a wonderful way of sharing the good news. No matter if you just run up to him and blurt it out, or if you think of a cute way with gifts and such, it will be a moment you will remember forever!
Lori Ramsey is a published author and mother of 6 who also runs many businesses. Read One Of Her Books On Kindle: How to Get Pregnant by Learning How to Increase Fertility
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